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9.06  / 9.07

Central Academy of Fine Arts




Master Lectures

9.06 / 13:30


Room 501, West District, School of City Design,

Central Academy of Fine Arts

Round Table

9.07 / 14:30 - 16:30


Lecture Hall, Building No.5, Central Academy of Fine Arts

A public space is one where people engage in group or individual activities, recreational, cultural, playing, publicity, or simple transit. Anyone has the right to inhabit the space, regardless of their personal, social, or economic condition.


The debates around public space in Mexico have become a central theme in our current society. Social, economical, political and cultural agendas are all closely related. Additionally, the current state of our public spaces is a clear indicator of inequality and the lack of opportunities in certain demographics.


FA UNAM / Karla Rodriguez

MMX Jorge Arvizu

PALMA / Diego Escamilla

PRODUCTORA / Víctor Jaime

TO / Carlos Facio

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14:00 / 18:00


Beijing in Asia and Mexico City in America are both metropolises with a sense of history, modernity and eternal charm.


But, do we really know the city that we live in? We have invited guests from Beijing and Mexico City to share architectural and humanistic perspectives from macro and micro scales to help us understand the character and mood of these two megacities.



李晶 / Li Jing

重新认识地铁上的北京 / Reconsidering the scenery of subway in Beijing

Deputy General Manager of First Finance and Economics Data Technology Company

刘岱宗 / Liu Daizong

面向未来的完整街道 / Street for All 

Director of World Resources Institute Ross Sustainable Urban Center

China Zone

刘岱宗 / Song Zhuang Zhuang

按图索城 /  Look for a city to correspond with the one drawn

Co-Founder DiDuHui.

刘岱宗 / Yang Hanjing

城市记忆修理 /  City memory repair factory

Co-Founder Goodone Old Warehouse

Marcos mazari 

Weaving the Macro City: Mexico City Metropolitan Area

Dean of the School of Architecture FA UNAM

Alejandra gonzalez & Gonzalo mendoza

A City for all



City starts small: on the power of micro-mapping

Co-Founder Culturans


Micro-projects: design as a city catalyst

Co-Founder Mecate Studio

9.15 / 14:00 - 18:00


Lecture Hall, Building No.5, Central Academy of Fine Arts

herramientas más allá del diseño

La producción de buen diseño inicia desde la academia, y Ciudad de México cuenta con múltiples instituciones de primer nivel que fomentan el desarrollo crítico desde las primera etapas de formación de sus estudiantes. 


En éstas instituciones no sólo se imparte conocimiento, sino que son el campo para la experimentación, la investigación y la innovación en materia de diseño. Involucran además en su práctica temas de importancia actual como sustentabilidad, responsabilidad social, diseño participativo, innovación en materiales y métodos de producción, entre otros.

Éste eje temático muestra las aportaciones que las universidades y academias llevan a cabo junto con sus alumnos en la búsqueda por estrategias y alternativas que vayan más allá de los cánones convencionales.


Palabras clave: Universidades, academias, investigación, estudiantes,

estrategias de diseño, diseño alternativo





关键词: 大学,学术机构,研究,学生,设计


The production of good design starts from the academy, and Mexico City has multiple top-level institutions that encourage critical development from the first stages of training.

These institutions not only impart knowledge but are the field for experimentation, research, and innovation in design. They also include in their practice issues of current importance such as sustainability, social responsibility, participatory design, innovation in materials and production methods, among others.

This thematic axis shows the contributions that universities and academies carry out together with their students in the search for strategies and alternatives that go beyond conventional canons.

Keywords: Universities, academies, research, students,

design strategies, alternative design

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